I love to ride my bike!!  For me, riding is an adventure and personal achievement.

Have you felt like you want to get out there but don’t know what you are doing or just need a plan?

Do you need a plan that works with your busy life and still helps you meet that cycling goal?

Do you have limited time and need inspiration and energy?

I am excited to help!

I know what it’s like to work all day, cook meals for the family, help with homework and still try to get in that workout.

I have helped women ride their first 10 mile ride and their first 100 mile ride.  I remember my firsts.

I have helped women get on their mountain bikes and conquer those first scary downhills or figure out how to pedal up a the steep uphill.

From getting onto a bike or training for your first century, tour or race, I would love to develop a step by step plan.  I can help with road riding, touring or mountain bike riding.

Why wait?  That stuff that’s stopping you is really not ever going away.  We all know those things that keep us from working towards our goals.  When that thing goes away another always replaces it.

It’s time to get that cycling on and let your “fast girl” fly!

I can work out short term cycling calendars to more long term individualized coaching.

Email me and let’s chat, plan and get you started on your personal cycling adventure.